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Srirangam Hotels

    Srirangam hotels are present around the temple.  We can see lot of small hotels here.  Variety of star hotel is near the Trichy railway junction.  It is about 7km from the Srirangam Temple.  During the festival time we have to book the hotel and come because of large crowd.

Sri Ranganathaswamy temple Srirangam is surrounded by the river cauvery’s water on one side and its tributary kollidam on the other side.  It is an island town with 600 across.  This is enclosed within the seven rampart walls of the gigantic Sri Ranganatha swamy temple.  The complex of this temple is 156 across in extent.  There are 21 magnificent towers in all prakaras providing a unique sight to any visitor.
Sri Ranganatha swamy is called as Boologa Vaikuntam.  After many invasions by Moghal Kings, this temple still stands without losing its beauty and fame.  Sri Ranganathar is the main deity of this temple and the Ranganayaki is the Goddess.
In 108 Divyadesams, Srirangam is considered as the first and foremost important one.  During the Bhakthi movement the saint poets of Tamil Nadu sang verses in praise of Lord Vishnu.  These songs are sung by Alwars.


Sri Ranganathaswamy was worshiped by Lord Brahma.  He presented to Indra king of Devas and he presented to Lord Surya.  The ancestors of Rama (ie) Suryavamsa Ikshavaku Kings worshiped Sri Ranganathaswamy.  A special chariot like conveyance carried by vedamurtis with Vishnu inside that is the Rangavimana.  It was obtained by Vibhishana from Rama as a gift at the time of Rama’s Pattabhisheka.  While carrying it to Srilanka Vibshana hated at Srirangam.

Structure of the Temple

The temple consists of seven concentric rectangular enclosures round the sanctum sanctorum.  Srirangam temple has a sacred symbolic number.  The outermost seventh circuit is the chittarai veethi and pierced with towers on all four directions Thiru Vikraman Veethi with a shrine for Manavala mamuni in the South East Corner.  The fifth prakara is the Akalangar Thiruveethi with a tower in the South, the crest facing all the four sides and in the north Ranga tower is very beautiful with stucco works. 

We can see a mantap called Rangavilas mantap on the entering through this door. This prakara has Chakkarathalvar Sannadhi, Sri Ranga Nachiar Sannadi, a
Thousand Pillared halls, the East White tower, world famous Sesharayar Mantap and Sri Ramanujar Sannadhi.  We enter the fourth prakara called Alinadan Thiruveethi`.  A big Garudalvar Sannadhi has been seen here. We can see a Dhanvanthri  sannadi, Paramapatha Gate with a tower. The sacred tank Chandra pushkarani, Kothandaraman sannadi, Paramapada Nathaan Sannadi, and Pandara mantapam.
Kulasekaran Thiruveethi is the Third Prakara. It has the entrance called Arya Bhatal Vasal. In this Prakara Pavithra Mantap, Hayagriva Sannadi and Saraswathi sannadi .  Paramapatha gate is there on the north side. This entrance assumes a special importance on Vaikunta Ekadasi days on every year. It is a legend that the devotees who pass through this way are believed to enter the portals of Heaven.

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